MMP #15 Awakening Through Intimacy, Brotherhood, and De-Shaming Poop with Joshua Hathaway

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Joshua Hathaway, M.A., is a father, lover and Transformational Trickster devoted building a more beautiful, equitable, and consensual world, one conversation at a time. Through training and coaching individuals, couples, and organizations in exquisite communication and collaboration at, he has been championing authentic connection in the bedroom and the boardroom for over a decade.

After leading almost 12 years of men’s work, Joshua is committed to walking men back to their full humanity, connecting them to their deep sensitivity and primal potency, and growing their capacity for intimate relationships through his work at the

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I had a god-dang plumped-with-wisdom blast of a conversation with Joshua. We talked about relationships as a closed loop where all shit must come up, the importance of self-compassion in relating to fear, male intimacy, and poop-positivity.

Conversational Highlights
-There are no toilets in a relationship
-In early stages of relationships were taught to impress and hide our shit
-Sharing niggling thoughts in partnership
-A baseline for a healthy relationship is when both people will take responsibility when they take a shit no the living room floor
-When Joshua crossed a line on FB and how he handled it
-How we turn off our conscious mind and let a script run
-The negative feedback loop that comes when we lack self-compassion
-The more we can meet ourselves with mercy, the faster well wake up
-Fear-based decision making
-“Pain pushes us until vision pulls us” (Reverend Deborah Johnson)
-Hurrying on the journey makes it suck
-A Mind in fear will create what it fears
-Fear as a virus
-It’s impossible to be afraid of whats actually happening
-Unpacking Men’s Work
-The Men’s Leadership Intensive
-Creating healthier partnerships by men opening up to men
-The intimacy of pooping

I hope this episode knocks your socks off your feet and blasts them into orbit!

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