MMP #16 Life As A Meaningful Story with Dante Garcia

Dante Garcia is a strategist and a co-founder at Story 2 Designs — a design cooperative dedicated to working with progressive projects to make transformation irresistible. Born in Seattle, he grew up being politically active and an artist. In 2015 he was part of the organizing core of Seattle’s resistance to Arctic drilling in the ShellNo campaign.

Today he is a trainer-practitioner at the Center for Story-based Strategy. He values justice, creative self-expression, paradox, historical context, the long game, and joy. You can find him biking across Seattle hills from meeting to meeting and geeking out about a post-capitalist world.

In this episode we talk about the paradigm of viewing life as a story, the battle against addictive entertainment, the grueling path of self-actualization, and what makes for a good story to collectively stave off global warming.

Highlights from this conversation
-How Dante’s company helps people tell better stories about themselves
-Humans can’t help but to create narrative
-Reframing interpretations of reality
-Walking through the darkness to the other side
-Society’s obsession with dystopic plots
-What’s a healthy apocalypse look like
-Holding paradox
-Creating a story around climate change to enroll everyone
-Entertainment is stealing our attention
-Connecting with oneself to find purpose
-Purpose takes time!
-When will humans go extinct?
-Our humanity is withering with the Earth
-The psychology of colonizing Mars
-Study the greats
-Create space to practice new identities
-Capitalism created technology which is eating capitalism
-Self-actualizing is exhausting
-We can create anything, but it takes time

Boom! There ya have it. I hope this episode propels your human plot in a desirable direction.


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