Hello there! As you probably guessed, I’m Mike. 

This page (and frankly this whole website) is an attempt at providing an accurate-enough snapshot of my being for you to feel out who I am. 

Qualities I Aspire Towards

At my funeral, I hope people will say:

-He was so honest, reliable, trustworthy, and of unshakeable integrity
-He was so kind, compassionate, openhearted, and loved so deeply
-He inspired me to be my weirdo self and to live MY own life

Things I Believe

I know I’m going to die. So I want to make sure I live all-out in my one shot at this human thing.

Life is an infinite Mystery. I can only ever know a finite amount. It’s important to stay humble and always keep learning. My main modes of exploring are via embodiment, creativity, business, philosophy, relationships, and spiritual practice.

I love when relationships become complex and messy. Relationships make life worth living. What’s the point in all this if we can’t open our hearts to others?

I want to stir as many folks as I can into living out their own unbridled expression of Purpose.

I appreciate all that society has given me. I also generally dislike mainstream culture’s value-set. It could use an upgrade. Given that the job of culture is to program beliefs into its constituent people, it’d be nice if we were programmed to value increasing awareness of ourself and our impact, pursuing a purposeful life, the beauty of free expression, and rigorous honesty. 

I enjoy building micro-cultures that espouse such values. I also appreciate sex-positivity and body-positivity. This is a major reason why I choose to live in an intentional-community and why I create multi-week group workshops.

I believe we’re in a critical chapter in human history that may determine the fate of our species. I think we need as many people as possible to be aligned with the gifts that they have to offer this world. We need folks who are thoughtful, empowered, and humble all on the same team acting in service of the Earth.

The combination of everything I wrote above has led me into four interconnected ventures:

I’m in the neverending process of finding how to contribute as impactfully I can doing what I am best at and what I fucking love doing, while getting paid for it. I humbly admit that I’m still figuring it all out.

Here’s a couple other pursuits that I appreciate:

Meditation, self-pleasure, journaling, ecstatic dance, psychedelics, contact improvisation, nature, learning about privilege/oppression, death contemplation, BDSM, eye gazing, chess, cold baths, freestyle rap, basketball, opening my grief, studying charisma, long walks.

Sha-boom! That’s me in a digital nutshell! Please make yourself at home on this website, click around, and feel free to send me a message for any reason.


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