Hi, I’m Mike.

I have dedicated my life to three things.

One, embracing the inevitability of my death and living into my uniquely expressed human Purpose as full-throttle as possible.

Two, showing up as authentically, honestly, and kindly as I can to every interaction and relationship I have.

Three, expanding mainstream culture’s idea of ‘normal’ to revolve around extreme authenticity, radical honesty, and boundless kindness.

These three commitments have led me into coaching, men’s work, and podcasting.

I coach inspired leaders to enhance their fulfillment and amplify their positive impact on culture.

I co-facilitate men’s groups to rewrite norms around sex and communication.

I have a podcast where I invite listeners to dissolve into mind-blasting, perspective-shaking conversations with badasses at the tip of the consciousness movement.

Here’s a multi-faceted firework of my passions that may give you a clue as to how I orient myself towards life:

meditation ~ journaling ~ ecstatic dance + contact improv ~ intentional community livin’ ~ insane dancing @ live music + spreading the dance fever to anyone nearby ~ conscious bdsm ~ the art of adventuring ~ pranks ~ touch-positivity/sex-positivity/death-positivity ~ psychedelic introspection&connection ~ intimacy ~ interacting with strangers in intentional ways to push my edges ~ freestyle rapping ~ lifelong friends ~ strolls in cemeteries ~ personalized relationship construction ~ talking about shame ~ experimenting with life

Make yourself at home and let the connection between your brain and your mouse go on an intuitive trip.