Hi, I’m Mike.

I have dedicated my life to three things.

One, embracing the inevitability of my death and living into my uniquely expressed human Purpose as full-throttle as possible.

Two, showing up as authentically, honestly, and kindly as I can to every interaction and relationship I have.

Three, expanding mainstream culture’s idea of ‘normal’ to revolve around extreme authenticity, radical honesty, and boundless kindness.

These three commitments have led me into coaching, men’s work, and podcasting.

I coach inspired leaders to enhance their fulfillment and amplify their positive impact on culture.

I co-facilitate men’s groups to rewrite norms around sex and communication.

I have a podcast where I invite listeners to dissolve into mind-blasting, perspective-shaking conversations with badasses at the tip of the consciousness movement.

Here’s a multi-faceted firework of my passions that may give you a clue as to how I orient myself towards life:

meditation ~ journaling ~ ecstatic dance + contact improv ~ intentional community livin’ ~ insane dancing @ live music + spreading the dance fever to anyone nearby ~ conscious bdsm ~ the art of adventuring ~ pranks ~ touch-positivity/sex-positivity/death-positivity ~ psychedelic introspection&connection ~ intimacy ~ interacting with strangers in intentional ways to push my edges ~ freestyle rapping ~ lifelong friends ~ strolls in cemeteries ~ personalized relationship construction ~ talking about shame ~ experimenting with life

Make yourself at home and let the connection between your brain and your mouse go on an intuitive trip.


You’re insatiably curious; you can’t help but to turn over every single stone in your life. You’re flexible and you often completely re-invent your image, aesthetic, and lifepath. It’s not uncommon for you to have ‘awakenings’ that change your course. You can go with the flow like a raft on a river, and no matter what restaurant the group picks, you’ll enjoy it. You’re friendly, people tend to like you, and you could get along with just about anyone. You rarely get into heated arguments because you can easily see things from others’ view.

These traits of yours are beautiful. Truly.

But there’s a darkside to all of that — it can be hard to feel grounded in who you are. It’s easy for you to change course so often you get paralyzed; you’re so good with change that you can lose track of who you are underneath all of the different roles you can play; you are so adept at going-with-the-flow that making choices, especially as a leader, can be petrifying; you have a hyper-active people-pleaser who tends to value how much others like you over anything else; and you’re so good at relating to others’ perspectives that you can get lost in being a chameleon where you don’t nourish or believe in your own viewpoint.

Put simply, you often feel confused about what you want, who you are, what’s your vision, what you stand for, and how to believe in yourself.

If this sounds like you, read on.

Let me tell you some things that I believe strongly. I believe you can completely own your gifts while remaining deeply grounded in your vision and center. You can be insanely curious while moving forward on your path. You can re-invent yourself as a step-forward and not a restart. You can be flexible while still making firm decisions for yourself and others. You can be uncommonly friendly while honoring your own self and boundaries. You can fully see others’ perspectives while still developing and defending your own viewpoint.

In my work, I’ve helped a man find his own sexual expression after being sexually repressed in a decade-long abusive marriage. I’ve helped a commercial artist own his style and passion and take the leap into working for himself as an independent artist. I’ve worked with a filmmaker to help him quit his corporate job to pursue his heart’s creative desire. I’ve helped another man save his partnership by helping him find every authentic desire he had been fearfully withholding from his partner and then communicating them all relentlessly.

All of these people had a desire, a vision for some part of their life. But they shied away from looking at it, let alone acting on it, at fear of causing ripples or of being wrong. So I helped them dig into who they were and bring it into the world.

I understand these challenges well, because I’ve lived them myself. I joined my highschool student-government, went to Dartmouth, and started sprinting up the corporate ladder. But I didn’t do these things because I wanted, to, I did them because I thought that’s what the world wanted of me. I didn’t want to disappoint the world, I didn’t want to piss away my talent by leaving Corporate America. And so I buried everything that was truly ME very very deep.

It wasn’t until I hired my first coach that I realized that my greatest life goal was for EVERY aspect of my life — my business, my relationships, my sexuality– to be a pure, unfiltered, and direct expression of my essence. I knew with certainty I was destined to become a Professional Mike Mantell, and to ooze out MIKEness into every relationship and endeavor in my life.

I want to help you find your power. Not by changing yourself, but by ruthlessly becoming more of who you already are. Remember, your gifts are beautiful, and I want you to have fully agency over them.

A chameleon free from insecurity is a bridge-builder.

A people-pleaser free from fear is a charismatic influencer.

A go-with-the-flow expert willing to choose is an empathetic leader.

I work with folks who know deep within that their business, relationships, and sex must be fully reflective of who they are. If this is you, then fill out this form and we’ll talk.

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Men’s Work

My collaborator, Devin Gleeson, and I run M-Sex, a program designed for men to unlock breathtaking intimacy and sexual expression.

We create a culture of radical honesty and acceptance among groups of stand-up men, and guide them into confronting their darkest insecurities and owning their deepest desires around sex.

We are working to transform our sexual culture to one of honesty, authenticity and vulnerability, populated by empowered and sensitive men.

Learn more about the work here


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