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Hi I’m Mike. 

I’m passionate about all things intimacy. And I’m the person couples go to when they’ve lost intimacy, closeness, and sexual excitement with each other.

I also support individual clients navigate scary and confusing shifts in their gender or sexuality. Whether they’re struggling with their identity, discovering new desires, or letting go of old restrictions about who they’re “supposed” to be, I help them be with what wants to emerge.

And I support individual clients who have never experienced sustained, fulfilling intimacy with a partner by helping them build their communication skills, listen to their embodied consent, and heal trust wounds that have made partnered intimacy fleeting in the past.

The bottom line?

I’m here to help you create the most fulfilling and sexually authentic partnership possible. 🙂

Intimacy is important

For nearly the last decade I’ve been nerding out – both personally and professionally – on learning communication tools, exploring new pockets of human connection, practicing different schools of sexuality, and studying relationship fulfillment.

I believe that deep human intimacy with a partner is one of the most meaningful parts of life. 

But it isn’t always straightforward to create and sustain.

And fulfilling intimacy can be challenging

We were brought up in a culture that never taught us how to speak our desires, how to say “no,” or how to make our partner feel safe.

We live in a culture that tells us not to talk about sex, and never teaches us that sexuality is a vehicle for self understanding, healing, spiritual transcendence, unbridled intimacy, and exploration of pleasure.

Our culture has told us to get married as soon as possible, and that our sex and intimacy lives will be taken care of for the rest of our lives (hetero-normative, monogomous-normative lies!)

I understand as well as anybody how challenging it can be to create a relationship that heals you, empowers you, and fully matches your sexual authenticity. And I know that this is one of the most rewarding and important parts of life.

You can have the intimate partnership your heart truly wants

Too many people in our world feel trapped in lonely partnerships. Their sexuality dried up. Unable to find their way back into connection.

Too many people feel lost and anxious in the bullshit sexual narratives our society has fed us. Not certain how to make sexuality feel fulfilling.

Too many people never learned the skillset and tools that would make them an effective lover. Unable to find a healthy partnership.

If you find yourself in a position at all like any of these, I want to say that it’s okay. You’re right where you need to be on your journey. You’ve been doing your best. And you are in the process of healing, growing, and learning how to make your intimacy, sex, and relationship feel sustainably magical.

If you feel lonely, confused, or low on hope, I urge you to keep your gaze locked on a better future. It is definitely possible to be in a partnership that feels electric, healing, and meaningful. It’s possible to have a sex life that is full of pleasure, connection, and exploration, and that matches who you are. What you want is possible.

You may have already read books, or taken courses, or even worked with professionals. But keep your hope.Everything you’ve done is adding up – even if the outcome isn’t immediate.  The road can feel long at times, but trust that you’re exactly where you need to be. You might be right there – just one learning away. 

Growth is possible, but not always easy

To get to where you want to go will require some inner work. There is healing to do and self-knowledge to gain. It will require courage. You’ll have to say scary things, and look at yourself with naked eyes.

And it will require trust. Trust of your own process and trust of whatever support you call in (whether me, another professional, a friend, or whomever else).

External support can help

I believe that all parts of life benefit from external support, including sexuality, intimacy, and communication.

When a relationship feels dry or stuck in unhealthy patterns, working with a coach help you and your partner develop renewed excitement, trust, and meaning in your connection.

And even when a relationship feels smooth and healthy, working with a coach can unearth previously unseen aspects of your connection, and can give you new tools and perspectives to deepen and explore with your partner.

Ways that I can support you

If you resonate with my style and would like support in your journey, you can subscribe to my newsletter where I offer tips, advice, and concepts that will help you grow and heal in your relationship, intimacy, and sexuality. I’ll also clue you into monthly workshops monthly workshops where you can gather with community to deepen your relationship with your connection skills, sexuality,  and relationship paradigm.

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And if you want even further support, check out any of the pages below to see if offerings feel like a good fit.

The world needs your intimacy!

It’s no secret that we are living in a tenuous chapter of human history. Collectively we need to change systems and ways of thinking.

But we also need each individual to heal, grow, and thrive. We need more connection, more understanding, and more authenticity.

I want a world with more thriving partnerships, more sexual liberation, and far clearer communication as a backdrop for everything else. And I want you to be a part of that world.


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