Hi, I’m Mike.

I have dedicated my life to five things.

  1. Embracing the inevitability of my death and committing all-in to my unique expression of Purpose
  2. Forever remaining a student of the Great Mystery, and continuing to grow and learn about life through embodiment, creativity, business, philosophy, relationships, and spiritual practice
  3. Creating deep, complex, and meaningful relationships with my family, partners, friends, and community. Where I strive to show up in ever-deepening honesty
  4. Stirring as many folks as I can into living out their own unbridled expression of Purpose
  5. Upgrading mainstream culture’s value-set to champion awareness of impact, community mindset, pursuit of a purposeful life, freedom of expression, and rigorous honesty.

I believe we’re in a critical chapter in human history that may determine the fate of our species. I think we need as many people as possible to be aligned with the gifts that they have to offer this world. We need folks who are thoughtful, empowered, and humble all on the same team acting in service of the Earth.

These five commitments and this sense of existential urgency have led me into four interconnected ventures:

Below are a few avenues of exploration I find myself drawn to:

Meditation, self-pleasure, journaling, ecstatic dance, psychedelics, contact improvisation, living in intentional communities, nature, privilege/oppression, death contemplation, BDSM, eye gazing, chess, cold baths, freestyle rap, basketball, grief, charisma, long walks.

Well, that’s me in a digital nutshell! Please make yourself at home on this website, click around, and feel free to send me a message for any reason.