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Beyond Sacred Masculine and Feminine

How to bridge the worlds of sacred intimacy, personal growth, and queerness to heal our cultural gender wounds and transcend the patriarchy

This ebook is for you if you have explored different types of women’s work, men’s work, or sacred intimacy, but…

  • You feel confused at how all the different types of women’s/men’s work fit together
  • You cringe every time you hear the terms “sacred feminine and masculine,” but you aren’t sure exactly why
  • You want to know how this personal growth work can fit into our greater cultural context
  • Even though you feel comfortable in your gender assigned at birth, you’d like to challenge your worldview

And if you’ve never heard of women’s work and men’s work, this ebook may still be for you if you want to deep-dive into your gender and our cultural gender wound.

In this ebook we will tie together grief, shadow work, privilege investigation, personal growth, relational growth, intimacy, community-building, and a queer worldview to better understand how we embody our gender and how to shift our cultural narrative.

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