MMP #17 Unpacking Tantra with Lauren Searles

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Lauren Searles is a Tantric Love and Sex Coach for evolutionary men and women who desire to Thrive in Love. She empowers change-makers to embody their True Heart Radiance by transmuting their deepest pain into their greatest gift. By knowing your True Worth as a Sovereign Soul, one can connect to their inherent Divinity through Sacred Sex and Romantic Love.

By weaving together both ancient Tantric ideology, as well as modern psychology, her approach in her coaching work is infused with compassion as a super power as she helps people rewire their nervous system to their optimal state.

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In this episode we talk about the distinction between neo-Tantra and classical-Tantra, tips to connect more to your sexuality, consensual kinky sex-magic, and heartbreak as initiation.

Conversational Highlights:
-Defining Tantra
-How Tantra is re-emerging in modern times
-Balancing Tantra with healing the inner child
-Integrating different energy centers in the body
-The cultural importance of liberating sex
-Orgasm as a connection to divinity
-Yoga on psychedelics
-Ujjayi breathing and connected breathing
-Ancient Tantrics as the original consciousness hackers
-Using self-pleasure to rewire your brain
-Using self-pleasure to visualize and manifest
-Consensual kinky sex magic
-Using BDSM to empower her Goddess
-Bringing intentionality into lovemaking
-Heartbreak as an initiation
-Using divine love to heal human love
-Impermanence as the fundamental spiritual principle

Have a blast, get trippy, expand yo’ mind, enjoy the listen <3