MMP #14 The Many Doorways Into Truth with East Forest

East Forest has been the leader of underground ‘sound healing’ ceremonies around the world since 2008. Using music as a tool, he has trailblazed the field of organic tech, building bridges between the digital and natural world. Being fully independent and playing in the private shadows allowed the sound of East Forest to emerge: an emotional and spacious musical lexicon with a sound that took shape out of a practical need to play solo for five to six hours while guiding a room full of listeners in deep meditation.

Word organically spread and a devoted community shared East Forest’s early albums, many of which were live recordings captured directly from his sound healing performances.

Moving into festivals, theaters, and clubs, electronic beats and diverse live instrumentation eventually joined in, from strings and analogue synthesizers to african kora. East Forest’s electro-acoustic ethereal sound continued to evolve and he found himself performing in a diverse range of settings from SXSW, Google, Mysteryland, to Grace Cathedral, Summit at Sea, as well as his own TEDx talk.

More than a dozen albums later, East Forest continues to explore a path of emotionally driven music that pulls from ambient, classical, electronic and indie-pop genres.

In this episode we talk about his new project with Ram Dass, his ‘Music for Mushrooms’ soundtrack designed to act as a ‘digital shaman’, his creative process, and death.

Show Highlights:
-Who is East Forest?
-Different ways to open the doorway into the soul
-Maybe the Mayan 2012 prediction is happening now
-His journey of using music to feed his own soul into using music to feed others’ souls
-Mushrooms and his first spiritual opening
-How his soul tricked his ego into creating beauty
-Creating a sonic journey for a mushrooms trip
-How Western healing meets plant medicine, and where there’s room for improvement
-Confidence as a factor of age and experience
-Ageism and obsession with the new
-Mushrooms and death anxiety
-The process for his collaboration with Ram Dass
-His creative process of making daily material
-The War of Art
-How his German nature helps him face Resistance
-Sound as the fundamental soup of the universe

I hope this episode laces your drink-of-life with a heavy dose of inspiration.

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