MMP #13 Healing Through Shadow Theater with Joshua Falcon-Grey

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Joshua Falcon-Grey is a role playing expert, assisting people in awakening to deeper realities through Immersive Theater Stories. He is also a New Earth teacher, clarity consultant, filmmaker, author, and speaker.

He assists thought-leaders in deepening their skill-sets and self-knowledge. After many years dissociating from chronic numbness, he moved in full steam into reclaiming his disowned power. In doing so, he awakened masterful communication skills, profound courage, and many other spontaneously activated special abilities.

Joshua is the founder of The Quantum Theater which offers immersive story experiences. His 1 on 1 DaoPlay Personal Theater sessions activate deep change in others, providing a safe yet potent mirror for self-love to unfold naturally.

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In this episode we talk about the relationship between healing, paradox, and chakras; Joshua’s predictions on the future of gender; and how to construct a role-play to heal wounds.

Show Highlights:
-Paradox as a pointer to spiritual awakening
-The different value systems of our different moods
-Using role-play to heal parts of ourselves we don’t accept
-Exploring archetypal authority figures
-Everything is sex
-The desire for pleasure stemming from the desire to heal a wound
-Different types of pleasure relate to different types of healing
-Why spiritual masters contradict themselves
-Pain/pleasure, fear/desire, phobia/fetish
-How to create a role-play to heal our wounds
-Consciously playing the victim to break the cycle
-Is humanity merging into a single gender?
-Joshua’s predictions of 5,000 years in the future
-How technology and nature are merging
-The nature of masculine and feminine energies

If you want your mind to stretch like gak in the hands of a curious child, I’d recommend givin’ this a listen.


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