MMP #12 BDSM As A Spiritual Path with Cleo Dubois

Cleo is a BDSM coach, ritualist and personal trainer in the kinky arts. She knows consensual erotic power exchanges to be a valid path to self-discovery, intimacy, and healing for those called to explore their kinky desires. She is blessed that her life’s work is now more readily understood.

When willing to bring their kinky desires out of the closet, people forge stronger connections to their partners and find whole new ways to explore and rekindle their sexuality. She is honored to guide couples on their journeys.  She’s brought compassion and intuition to her work, creating safety and trust in every consultation, initiation, and guided play for more than 25 years.  

To further explore Cleo’s offerings around private guidance and ritual, peep here.

For her workshops and immersive experiences in SF for women, men and those interested in Professional Dominance, scope over here.

And pop over to her FB here.


In this episode we talk about what BDSM is, BDSM as a space to explore archetypes, the Jungian shadow, how the body is the door to spirit, and so much mo’.

Below is the highlight reel of our conversational journey:
-BDSM as erotic, consensual, negotiated, power exchange
-Using BDSM to understand your inner persona and play with your inner child
-Putting light on the shadow
-The need to surrender
-Why she’s no longer a professional Mistress
-What is ritual
-Pre-scene negotiations
-Safe, sane, and consensual
-Domineering is not dominance
-The difference between pain and intense sensation
-Clean fire vs dirty fire
-Ayahousca and surrender
-2 types of trances
-Hook rituals
-BDSM old guard and new guard
-She dated one the Burning Man founders (lol, so cool!)

Ight folks, get in there n’ get dirty. I hope you pick up a couple new flowers to add to the bouquet that is your life-lens.

PS here are some of the resources that came up in our conversation:

The New Topping Book by Dossie Eastern and Janet Hardy
The New Bottoming Book
Leatherfolk by Mark Thompson
Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss


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