MMP #20 The Wisdom of the Stars with Danielle Caners

Danielle Caners is the pilot of a magnificent space shuttle bringing you on a journey to the depths of the earth, far into the cosmos and back to the core of your being. Her art is the synthesis of an untameable thirst to learn, create, and grow. Her paintings are tapestries of visual codes that reward viewers with new discoveries every time they are revisited – each one embedded with ancestral wisdom, wonder of nature and practical observations of what it is to live a fulfilled life. As an artist, healer, teacher and wild woman, Danielle brings together her many gifts to guide us to self-actualization.

Check her out here:

In this episode we talk about going through dark times, how to find inspiration, visualization practices, and Cosmologia – Danielle’s massive project of investigating the astrological frameworks across ancient cultures.

Highlights from this episode:
-How she uses her artwork to teach, heal, and bring out the best in others
-Danielle identifies as a student of life, first and foremost!
-How Life tends to lead Danielle, and not the other way around
-How Danielle knows what her intuition is pointing her towards
-How synchronicities fit into Danielle’s worldview
-Life is one big synchronicity
-How Danielle found herself pursuing a purpose-driven life
-Loin-cloth life periods
-The questions guiding Danielle’s life
-The human experience is all about evolution
-Stagnancy sucks!
-Danielle’s retreat in her cabin
-Danielle’s visualization practice
-Using visualization to find inspiration
-Inspiration boosting us to take risks
-How Burning Man gives inspiration of what’s possible
-Qualities that make Danielle a beast: relentlessness, impeccability with one’s word, love for intensity, doing the uncomfortable
-High or lows can become peak experiences that use intensity to teach us about who we are
-Cultivating relentlessness like training a muscle
-Danielle’s journey into astrological symbols and ancient civilizations
-Using astrological signs as archetypes
-Danielle’s new announcement on a macroscopic mandala!
-Common threads that run through different cultures’ astrological signs
-How Danielle marries modern science and ancient magic into her worldview
-Dispelling watered-down, cheeses astrology
-Business as an extension of art
-Danielle’s intention with her art
-“Master the art of saying no, so you can create space to receive your hell yes”

Please allow this hour-long string of symbolically-coded noises to enter through your earholes into your brain and be magically translated into insights in your mindscape.


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