MMP #19 The Journey Into Darkness with Tani Thole and Leslie Rogers

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Tani Thole and Leslie Rogers have dedicated their lives to the study and exploration of the human psyche and its relationship with the non-material world, through spirituality, psychology, personal development, sexuality, and BDSM. They founded the Light Dark Institute out of a passion for sharing the ways that exploring our dark sides can radically awaken and liberate us from the old patterns that have held us back and kept us in judgement of ourselves and the world around us. Their work has been featured in publications and programs including The Atlantic and MTV, and their teachings are sought after nationally and internationally by those with a desire to awaken their ability to be a full “yes” to everything that is, no matter what it looks like.

The Light Dark Institute is dedicated to expanding and enriching the range of human experience through helping people fall in love with the aspects of themselves and the world around them which they have previously disapproved of or rejected. They work with thought leaders, conscious communities, and anyone who has a burning desire to know themselves fully with nothing held back. Their work teaches people to engage the darker, unknown aspects of themselves and their world with play and curiosity, so that they can step into a life of living and loving with full power, full surrender, and deep fulfillment.

In this episode we talk about their wild journey into partnership, Leslie’s dark awakening, Tani’s swearing off and eventual return to darkness, and the difference between conscious and unconscious expression of your darkness.

-The story of how Tani and Leslie met
-Tani’s quest for a 24/7 dominant partner
-Leslie’s Dark Awakening
-How they went from not knowing each other, to more than married in a night
-Leslie’s practice of getting out of his shell was slow and gradual, but the Dark Lust night broke it all open
-Leslie accessing a Dark God owning a Talisman (Tani), and seeing himself as fearless in this state
-Them seeing their impact, creating a field of permission on their community
-How Tani had always been drawn to the extremes of light and darkness in her life
-Tani’s wondering how to balance her wholesome spirituality with dark-kinky-sexual-fantasies earlier in her life
-Tani’s confusion earlier in her life about how to balance being an empowered woman with the desire to being humiliated by a man
-How Tani didn’t resonate with the kink community, but used to try to bring kinkiness out of her partners
-How Tani swore off kink, darkness, and sex for 3 years to exclusively pursue purity
-How this path dried Tani out from the inside
-How a single thought broke the darkness-blocking dam for Tani
-Going so deep into fantasy, popping out into a deeper reality
-Channeling creatures and finding new perspectives therein
-From the perspective of his Creature, God does not exist
-How Leslie’s creature wouldn’t allow Tani to be any smaller than he saw her to be
-How Leslie’s coaching practice changed after the Darkness Awakening
-Using kink not just for pleasure, but for transformation
-Opening the dark places can be the fastest route to personal growth
-Unpacking what darkness means
-Distinguishing between lightwork and darkwork
-“Everything is about sex. Except for sex, and that’s about power” – Oscar Wilde
-Civilization is created by drawing the line between sexual and non-sexual
-How Tani and Leslie’s archetypal dynamic has evolved over time into her coming into power and him into softness
-When dark parts come up, instead of stopping, they lean into it
-How to work through shame of expressing archetypes
-When you feel shame, it’s some part of you shaming another part of you
-Light work is taking responsibility for projection, darkwork is leaning into your projections
-Going into our darkest places with consciousness and approval leads to deep care
-Our darkness will come out no matter what. It’s just a matter of if we give permission or not
-The map of dark archetypes

I hope your listening experience is a WILD ride!


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