Your Life Matters

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There is no excuse to live as a nihilist. There is no excuse to stew in pain and hopelessness. It is easy to become rigid from the frostbite of existential fear. It is easy to avoid responsibility. It is easy to dodge your life’s calling. It is easy to give up.

What takes real spine is to live in the story that your life MATTERS. That your actions in each moment matter. That Life itself wants something from you. And that to avoid your unique responsibilities to this earth is to take a shit on God.

Life has as much meaning as you’re willing to live like it does.

No matter the challenge – if your grandma is sick, or your bank account hit zero, or you feel confused about your direction – you have the CHOICE of how you show up to your challenges

If you’re breaking up with a partner, how do you show up? Do you avoid them, stop messaging them, and hope they break up with you first? That’s the easy route. I’ve done that before. And that shit is weak as hell.

The better (spine-fortifying) option — take responsibility for your actions: meet up with them, look them straight in the eye, and speak your truth with as much courage and kindness as you can muster.

You get to choose if you want to show up to Life weak as hell, or if you want to look Life in the eyes, every single day, and march forward with as much honesty, courage, and kindness as you can find.

No doubt it’s a gradual process, but such virtues seem to me like a damn good place to point the compass.

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