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Imagine if Luke Skywalker thought that the stresses of being a farmer were all there were to life, and never considered the possibility of leaving his homeplanet.

Or if Frodo got too afraid when he tried to leave the Shire, so he gave the ring to someone else and just kicked it in the Shire for good.

That would make for some pretty weak movies!

To what degree is fear or a lack of possibility keeping you in your Shire?

I believe that everyone has a life that they are meant to create, and that true Courage in every single action is the only compass that will take you there. I believe there is a deep Purpose radiating at the core of existence and within the core of each human, and to dedicate one’s life to that Purpose is to live bravely into creating your destiny, to take risks, to express your gifts in a way that only you can, and to journey into the unknown in order to serve humanity through your creations.
Now imagine that YOUR life is a movie that you are writing as you go…’d be pretty weak to give up on your dreams just because Life gave you a roadblock or a hardship. Nobody would watch that flick!

So if you are ever feeling stuck, tentative, or existentially-uncreative, I ask you: what brave action can you take, hero, to move through hardship, advance your plot, develop your character, or make your movie-adventure more interesting?

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