Re-Defining Normal

Image result for paradise utopiaI have a mission to expand the concept of ‘normal.’ I am particularly interested in expanding the ‘normal’ ways that humans are expected to relate to one another.

In my relationships, it is becoming increasingly normal to:

-Talk openly about sex
-Discuss death
-Express emotions
-Hold deep eye contact
-Talk about the deepest, realest thing going on
-Laugh at, instead of complain about, life’s ‘problems’
-Dance at any moment with total freedom
-Empower others
-Extend compassion to others
-Share my dreams
-Be comfortable being naked
-Give and receive rigorous feedback
-Point out the absurdity of reality
-Share touch, massage, and horseplay
-Respect boundaries
-Speak up when I feel shame or fear
-Ask for what I want and say no to what I don’t want
-Fall into silence
-Express appreciation

I want to live in (and create!) a world where all of this is normal. This is a big part of my mission. And I recognize this vision starts with all of my personal relationships. From my relationship with my parents, to my lovers, to my collaborators, to my friends, I am constantly stretching to bring this ‘normal’ into every interaction. Because I can’t expect culture to look this way if my own life doesn’t look this way.

What’s your ideal normal? How do you bring it into your world?

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