MMP #9 Sacred Sexuality – An Updated Paradigm with Justin Patrick Pierce

Founder of Sacred, Justin Patrick Pierce works with select spiritual teachers and coaches to help them master their craft and bring their work to the world.

As an international spiritual intimacy teacher and co-author of The Awakened Women’s Guide to Everlasting Love, Justin offers workshops, talks and private trainings with his intimate partner, Londin Angel Winters.

In this episode we talk about Justin’s spiritual path, the path of Sacred Sexuality, the essence of Alpha and Omega energy (akin to Yang and Yin), the nature of sexual energy, how we’re no longer in the 50’s where only men embody Alpha (Yang) and women embody Omega (Yin), and we also discuss that while that time period was repressive it did leave important clues to the map of polarity.

Here are links to:
Justin’s book The Awakened Woman’s Guide to Everlasting Love
Justin’s Website
Justin’s Facebook page

Also, here are links to two teachers Justin mentions in this episode:
David Deida
Mantak Chia

I hope this episode delivers you an epic mindgasm.

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