MMP #10 Wonder More and Suffer Less with Cory Allen

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Cory is an author, podcast host, meditation teacher, and audio engineer from Austin.

On his podcast The Astral Hustle, he discusses how to live better with leading experts in mindfulness, neuroscience, and philosophy. He believes the more we understand ourselves, the less we suffer.

He recently finished writing a book called Now is the Way. Penguin Random House will publish it in 2019.

Cory decided to share his approach to meditation in an online course called Release Into Now. Since then, he’s taught thousands of people how to meditate with clear and concise methods.

In this podcast episode we discuss his approach to life and intuition, his relationship with Buddhism, the commitment of religion, how he views spirituality, and how the modern world is breaking the intersubjective agreement.

Show Highlights
-Cory’s decision to start a podcast
-The influential power of ideas
-Self-auditing our intentions to make sure we’re making good decisions
-The power of conversation in helping us see our own thinking
-Spirituality as the all-pervading lifeforce
-Balancing the inner spiritual life and the outer spiritual life
-Becoming the negative space and getting clues from life of what to do
-Cory’s relationship with Western philosophy and Buddhism
-Religions as different wallpapers over the same transcendent experience
-Imagining what it’d be like to be a flat-earther
-How viewing life through our phones is affecting reality
-How we’re losing our grasp on truth

Get ready to get your sense-of-wonder rocked into oblivion!

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