MMP #1 The Path of Balance with George Pitagorsky

George Pitagorsky blends Eastern wisdom, mindfulness meditation, systems thinking and non-dual philosophy into a practical approach to living consciously and happily. He has practiced yoga and meditation since the early 1970’s and integrates these disciplines in daily life.

George works as a meditation teacher, multi-disciplinary business consultant, coach, and executive. As author and teacher his work applies mindfulness and wisdom teachings to business and personal life.  

His books are The Zen Approach to Project Management, Managing Conflict in Projects and Managing Expectations.  He produces the monthly Breakthrough Newsletter. Courses include Conscious Living/Conscious Working and Wisdom in Relationships.

In this episode we talk about the balance between spiritual traditions and modern innovation, the link between non-duality and manifestation, relationships as a vehicle for awakening, and why wisdom traditions shy away from sex.

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Have a blast listening to the episode!

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