Expression as the Purpose of Life

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It is my viewpoint that EXPRESSION is probably the most important part of being a human.

Each of us has such a unique essence inside of us. YOU are quirky, and weird, and gifted, and intelligent like no other human. Your body moves like no other human’s. Your care and kindness have a flavor and texture of their own. You see a specific and particular way to serve humanity that we need and nobody else can do like you can. Your voice and mannerisms are like no other human’s. Your dreams and desires and jokes and ways of loving are completely unique.

The purpose of life? FIND out all of the ways you are YOU. All of the things that are absolutely particular and unique to your spirit. Embrace those things. Love those things. Share those things. Let your life and service revolve around your YOUness. Offer your YOUness to your friends and your family and your lovers. Find a way to make money from your YOUness. Give your YOUness to the WORLD. Let the world FEEL your YOUness and let the world become more like your utterly unique essence by fully unlocking and expressing it.

Life is way too fucking short to hide any part of yourself or to pretend to be like someone who you aren’t. And the world needs your gifts and sight way too fucking much for you to run from them.

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