I don’t have any workshops planned at the moment.

Though I trust inspiration will strike when the timing is right.

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My Workshop Philosophy

I believe that a well-facilitated workshop is one of the most profound routes into personal and collective change.

In a workshop space, we co-create an alternative culture and craft a new set of norms. With the transformative power of community, we can rewrite the conditioning imbued upon us from mainstream culture.

Here are the pillars I bring into all my workshops:

🫶🏼 Connection-Based Experiences

I believe all transformational workshop spaces are built on intimacy, vulnerability, and camaraderie. I don’t believe in workshops that are primarily lectures.

👁️ The Power of Witnessing

When others lovingly witness us express new parts of ourselves, it has the effect of dissolving shame, and integrating those parts of us into ourselves.

😈 Total Permission

When we let others express their darkest and most shamed parts, we allow them fuller access to themselves.

💙 Deep Sharing

When we share parts of our being that we don’t usually, or ever, talk about, we get to know ourselves better and more fully accept ourselves.

👏🏼 Supportive Container

When it feels like everyone else in the program is on your side, it gives you power you didn’t know you had.

⚡️ Action

Our life is ultimately the culmination of every action we’ve ever taken. If you want to grow and evolve, you must take new actions. A workshop container can give the clarity and support to embark on new actions.

🏹 Commitment

When everybody feels fully ‘in,’ something happens where the container becomes a lot deeper and creates more transformation for everyone involved.

✨ Digesting Intimate Experiences

Workshops can produce entirely new and intensely intimate experiences with yourself and others. When you process these experiences, it gives rise to your growth, expansion, and wisdom.

Previous workshops

Here are a few workshops I’ve led in the past.

  • Sacred Witnessing Circle. This was a couples workshop where the group would lovingly witness each couple expressing their physical intimacy through a variety of prompts.
  • Spark. This was a couples workshop where each couple practiced new ways to explore their intimate universe.
  • Gender Rapture. An embodied workshop for participants to explore their gender identity, their pronouns, and how their gender expression impacts their sexual expression.
  • Journeying Into Sexuality. A six-week group program that included sexual deshaming, embodying and expressing pleasure, erotic imagination, and gender expression.
  • Embodied Power Exchange. A contact-improv workshop where participants explored different consensual power dynamics through dance.
  • MSEX. A series of 8-week programs for men to come together and work through their sexual shame.