Journeying Into Sexuality: A 6-Week Group Experience

The last iteration ended in February 2021. Next program date: TBD

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Transcend your sexual blocks and conditioning. Find sexual growth, confidence, and freedom.

Who this program is for

If you feel pressure, uncertainty, or insecurity around your sexuality, then this program is for you.

Or if you recognize that your sexual journey is a crucial element of your personal growth, then this program is for you.

Or if you want to find greater freedom, self-knowledge, and expression in your sexuality, then this program is for you.

We live in a culture that shames sexual freedom, and infiltrates each of us with ideas about who we’re supposed to be sexually. This can make sexuality a complex and sometimes painful journey; but one that is deeply worthwhile. When we move through our shame and conditioning and open up into the authentic expression of our sexuality, we can find a deeper confidence and understanding of ourself.

I care about supporting others’ in their sexual journeys and I created this program to help you move through any sexual pressures or blocks you feel, more deeply embody your erotic energy, find more permission for your desires, better understand who you are as a sexual being, sharpen your energetic and communication skills, and witness others’ sexual transformation.

My Offering

Journeying Into Sexuality is a six-week program designed to help you transcend your conditioning, find freedom in your sexual expression, and catalyze your sexual growth.

This program is offered on a sliding scale. If you choose to join, you can pick whichever price point feels best for you. Payments will take place over paypal or venmo.

Baseline Investment: $299

Sustaining Investment: $399

Patron Investment: $499

Throughout these six weeks we will meet once a week for two hours over Zoom. I will facilitate each two-hour call.

Each call will have a different theme. The six call-themes are:

  1. Healing Shame
  2. Embodying Pleasure
  3. Taste and Desire
  4. Sexuality and Gender
  5. Sexual Creativity
  6. Sexual Confidence

There will be full group, small group, and dyad activities on each call. Call activities will include:

  • Prompts for you to find insight about your sexuality. Possibly sharing things you’ve never shared before
  • Expressing your pleasure (in its raw form and mixed with other emotions) while being lovingly witnessed
  • Cultivating skill in intimate energetic exchange
  • Embodiment exercises
  • Listening/communication practice
  • Embodied boundary activities
  • Exploring how your gender relates to your sexuality
  • Complimenting your own body and others’ bodies
  • Other activities that are difficult to generically categorize

There will be about 90 minutes of homework between each call. Homework will include:

  • Sexual-related journaling
  • Specific prompts for communicating with people in your life
  • Expressing pleasure and emotion
  • Creating sexual playlists
  • Watching informational videos
  • Filling out surveys about your desires
  • Sexy self-photoshoot
  • Building a positive relationship with your genitalia
  • Other personalized assignments that arise for you specifically
  • I will also set you up with a self-pleasure practice to do 3-times a week. I will give you new tools each week to integrate into your self pleasure practice

I’ll ask each participant to sign a detailed set of agreements before entering the container.

If you commit to this program, show up to each call in earnest, hold nothing back, and complete the weekly homework, then I strongly believe you will

  • Find greater healing for any sexual shame and conditioning pressures
  • Develop more confidence in your sexual expression
  • Create deeper and more resonant intimacy with current or future partner/s
  • Increase your understanding and agency of your sexual energy
  • More deeply know and accept your desires

There will be between 4 and 8 participants. The program will require a strong commitment from everyone. For these weeks we will be on a team, pushing and supporting each other to stretch. A sense of community and camaraderie will emerge.

In this space, all genders and sexual orientations are welcome. All stories and backgrounds are welcome.

This will be a space for you and other participants to open up your sexual journey – it will not be a space to hit on other people. We will be bearing witness in support of each others’ transformation. Sometimes arousal comes up when we are witnessing – this is okay. There will be space to voice this safely. But I want to reiterate that this is a space to join forces in growth and transformation, not to sexually engage with each other or find a partner. After the program ends, you are welcome to interact with other participants however you wish.

If you are interested in this program, please click the link below to fill out an application form. From there I’ll set up a time to talk over Zoom to explore if it feels like a good fit.

If you’d like to know more about my sexual philosophy, below I’ve written about

-the pain of sexual conditioning
-the impact of sexual growth
-how to find sexual liberation
-why your sexuality is important
-how sexual growth fits into a greater purpose

Conditioning Hurts

Have you ever had a sexual encounter where you pretended to enjoy what was happening, when in actuality you were wishing for it to end? Or where something spiked an anxiety and you got trapped in your head and couldn’t connect with your partner any more? Or simply gone along with your partner’s desires without ever asking yourself what you actually wanted? I know all those experiences well. They suck ass. And not in the good, kinky kind of way. If you too can relate, I invite you to read on.

Sex is intensely vulnerable. We are being asked to expose our deepest desire in a moment of unfiltered spontaneity. If you’re at all like me, then you probably have a ton of conditioning that has locked up your desires. An internalized sense that, on some level, your sexual desires are bad, wrong, or just hard to find.

We feel pressure in our sex when our conditioning overpowers our authentic arousal. Depending on your unique conditioning, that pressure can look different. Here’s a few classic zingers:

  • male-bodied folks must be dominant, aggressive, and rock-hard
  • female-bodied folks must please their partner, they must always look sexy for others’ eyes, and their desire comes second
  • you shouldn’t enjoy pleasure, masturbating is unhealthy, don’t put things in your ass, your body is imperfect

What do all these stories have in common? They make it hard to enjoy sex! Whatever your unique template of conditioning is, it blocks you from experiencing the depth and riches of your sexuality.

If your conditioning is getting in the way of your free sexual expression, it can be painful and complex. Feeling sexual repression can result in a generalized anxiety, shame, insecurity, or pressure. You may even have a sense that until your sexuality feels liberated, that you are not living into your power. That your confidence and general self-worth are not running at full steam.

Opening Up Sex Opens Up Confidence

I know all these pains firsthand. For most of my life sex was TERRIBLE. It was a place where I pretended to be someone I wasn’t in order to please my partners and hide from myself. I did this for years. I repressed most of my desires out of deep shame and terror. I had no boundaries. I believed my sexuality was wrong; in turn I believed my whole existence was wrong. I spent several years celibate, so I wouldn’t have to deal with how painful my sexuality was. Celibacy has its place, but running away is never a permanent solution.

I became obsessed with finding healing, pleasure, and freedom in my sexuality. It’s taken many mentors, loving partners, classes, workshops, books, courses, sex-positive environments, and hundreds of hours of self-pleasure practices to find a place where sex is fun, enjoyable, and integrated with my spirituality.

Opening up my sexuality has opened up my confidence in myself. I feel grounded and sure of myself in ways I never thought possible before. I humbly admit I still have a long way to go – but through these grueling trials I’m very proud to have come so far. And I want to share my knowledge and create a transformational space for others to heal and catalyze their own sexual journeys.

The Vehicles into Liberation

To find your way into your your birthright, the land of sexual freedom, you must journey through your conditioning. To move successfully through this terrain, I have found four vehicles that work very well in tandem.

  1. Sex-positive spaces
    Immersing in atmospheres where sex is normalized is a gamechanger. In mainstream culture, it’s not appropriate to talk about your personal relationship with sex. When you enter into an atmosphere where it is welcome to talk about your desires, your insecurities, and your pleasure, all of the taboo-infused beliefs that sex is wrong/bad/etc begin to dissolve. When you hear others’ authentic sexual stories, the norms that were programmed into us since birth begin to crumble on themselves.
  2. Finding reverence for your pleasure
    Mainstream culture shames masturbation and tends to view pleasure as myopic and frivolous. I never learned in school that pleasure can be healing, embodying, and cathartic. That pleasure can be an act of deep self-compassion. First, you must give yourself permission to enjoy pleasure. Then you must discover where pleasure lives for you. Then you can open up the pleasure spigot and embrace its expression. Learning to embody and express your pleasure will bring more life into you and guide you into your sexuality.
  3. Take new actions
    This is my general compass for personal growth. Stuckness in life occurs because we’re doing the same things we’ve always done. Let’s say you recoil every time your partner feels annoyed with you. You’re stuck in this rut. Try something different. Get annoyed back, or start crying, or ask for their kindness. There’s no right action – any new action will give you new information and create growth. This is as true in sexuality as anywhere else. Touch yourself in a way you never have, make noises you’ve never made, discover fantasies you’ve never imagined, talk to your body in new ways. Through taking new actions you can break old patterns of your sexuality and deepen into your expression.
  4. Uncompromisingly prioritize your YES and your NO
    Discover what a ‘yes’ feels like in your body. Then discover what a ‘no’ feels like. When all of your sexual interactions with yourself and with a partner are only in the domain of your ‘yes,’ then you are having good sex. This takes practice.

I want you to have an intimate and trusting relationship with your own sexuality. I want you to know and love your desires deeply. I want you to develop a deep embodied knowledge of your sexual energy and pleasure expression. I want you to feel whole and hardy as a person through deepening your sexuality.

Your Sexuality Matters

Sexuality is something deeper than humanity. It’s something that every animal does. It’s what nature is made of. Sexuality is intrinsic to being alive. When we can’t access the fullness of our sexuality, we are blocked off from the original creative essence.

Sexuality is a powerful place to find growth in ourselves. I have a belief that all growth is interconnected. When we make a change in some part of our being, it ripples into all other parts. Because society taboos sex into the shadows, sexuality becomes a breeding ground for deep subconscious conditioning. And hence an incredibly powerful portal to transform ourselves. A playground for our personal growth.

To move towards your own sexual liberation won’t just make your sex life more enjoyable, it will make you feel more whole in yourself. More accepting and loving of yourself. More powerful in your desires and your expression. Liberating and catalyzing your sex is a gateway to liberating and catalyzing your entire life. I fully believe this.

Sex and The Bigger Picture

We live in a time where wisdom, purpose, and sanctity are not woven into us through our society. People are not encouraged into who they really are, and instead the overarching social narrative edges us into consumption, production, and numbing.

At the same time we are developing habits and building a culture that is sending us towards the extinction of our planet.

This is a uniquely existential period of human history. And I believe that in order to collectively re-balance and find harmony with the Earth that every one of us must wake up into our unique Purpose.

We need people to take control of their own value set and their own life. We need people to transcend their conditioning and pursue their most meaningful and purposeful life. Both because it will create happier people, and because Purpose-driven people will help move society in a direction where it begins to harmonize with the natural world again.

By discovering your own sexual truth, beneath all the layers of conditioning, you can further approach who you really are. When you start to look under stones in one area of life, it unhinges the whole oppressive cultural system, and you can begin to claim who you are elsewhere too.

I believe that committing to your own growth and healing, sexual and otherwise, is part of your own call to Purpose. That this work is a step towards healing and harmonizing our planet and species.

Hit Me Up

Lastly, I want to note that you don’t need this program. I have full trust that you are empowered enough to heal, grow, and catalyze your sexual journey on your own. This program is one option of many to assist you on your journey.

If however this program does feel like it may be the right next step for you, I invite you to fill out this form so that we can set up a call. If it feels like a good fit, payments will take place over paypal or venmo.

Much love. Mike

About Mike

Hi, I’m Mike. I’m a curious cat and I like exploring my consciousness and relationships with others. I’m kinky, queer, and I don’t ascribe to the mainstream model of gender. I live in Seattle in an intentional community called Confluence; it’s essentially a dojo for personal growth and connection. My deepest wounds and shame are all wrapped up in my sexuality, and they sent me on an incredible journey of healing, growth, and discovery. I love helping other people find alignment with their sense of Purpose and I feel moved to see others heal and grow on their sexual journeys.