Sexual Growth

Due to covid, I meet with clients over zoom or outdoors at a 10-foot distance.

I’ve worked with clients for a variety of reasons. Maybe you feel anxiety, shame, and insecurity within your sexuality that you don’t know how to get passed. Maybe sexuality hasn’t felt great in the past, and you simply aren’t clear on your desires, or why sex is such a big deal to some people. Or maybe your sexuality is simply a place in your life where you want to put your attention to evolve on your journey.

I believe that all magnitudes of your being are fractal. When a geometric pattern is fractal, it means that no matter how much you zoom in (or out) on the image, you keep seeing the same pattern. This lens offers the possibility that all parts of our being are inter-connected, and this is great news! It means that finding evolution in one part of your self will ripple out to all other parts.

For this reason, I view sex as a portal and a playground. It is a place where we can discover who we are, what we want, what our boundaries are, where we are holding back. The subtle patterns and tendencies that occur in our sexuality are not isolated to that space. Is it hard for you to ask for what you want in your life? Sex is a great place to practice. Do you often hold back because you don’t want to take up space? Are others often giving you feedback that you aren’t aware enough of your impact? Is it hard for you to lead others? Or to follow? Do you let yourself receive and experience the pleasures in your life? Again, sex is a playground to practice all of these things.

I consider sex to be an especially powerful place to unlock ourselves and untangle our patterns because of its inherent intensity and its societal taboo-ness.

Sexuality is something a lot older than humanity itself. It is the force of nature and evolution – the instinct that causes male birds to dance and court female birds. It’s the invisible force that has a flower unfurl itself in spring to attract bees. Sexuality is nature itself – the tendency to create and evolve.

So there’s all that. And in addition, a sexual experience – either with oneself, a partner, or a group – is intensely vulnerable! We are naked with our desires, showing a primal aspect of our being deep under the skin. We are surrendered to the unknown of spontaneity. We typically find our greatest power in our deepest vulnerabilities.

On top of all this, sex is probably the most taboo topic in our culture. Society has thrown a big opaque sheet over all things sexual – you can’t talk about your sex life, you can’t want anything other than the first-base/second-base/third-base/home-run paradigm. You better not talk about your own sexual explorations at a dinner party. Sex is kept secret, it’s kept under the rug. Which means sex is a HUGELY unexplored space full of subconscious operations, fertile discoveries, and a portal into self.

To go deep enough into anything we eventually find ourselves. Sexuality is one such portal. A place to know and re-write our deepest tendencies, to witness our most ancient as well as our most emergent desires, to find truly unbridled and surrendered expression of our unfolding being.

My ultimate goal is to help you dismantle the conditioning around your sexuality so that you can discover who you really are as a sexual being and as a human being. My top priority in my own explorations and in my work is TRUTH. Who are you really? It’s an infinite inquiry where each answer reveals 10 more questions. However it is my belief that only when we begin to discover who we really are can we create a meaningful and resonant life that is a genuine expression of ourselves. And only then can we contribute to the world in the most impactful way.

I can work with you to

  • Heal your sexual shame
  • Work through your sexual insecurities
  • Accept, explore, and actualize your desires and attractions
  • Open up your erotic imagination
  • Use sex as a gateway into expressing emotions and moving energy
  • Find both deeper power and surrender
  • Deepen your capacity and fluency with sexual energetic play
  • Explore and unwind how your sexuality relates to your gender
  • Understand and skillfully embody your own sexual energy
  • Level up your verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Find deeper and more authentic levels of intimacy in your connections
  • Craft a personalized relationship paradigm that fits your own preferences
  • Clarify your embodied relationship with your boundaries and your ability to voice them
  • Discover how your sexual path and your spiritual path can communicate and synergize

The #1 thing I ask for in my work is commitment. If you are willing to step into this journey, I will dive in with you. Through embodiment activities, vulnerable sharing, witnessing of expression, energetic practice through eye contact, and edge-pushing homework assignments I can help you charge some voltage into your sexuality and advance the plot of your own self-discovery journey.

If you feel interest to connect further and explore if you want to work together, please fill out this form.