Reflections From Clients

Every time I met with Mike I got near-immediate clarity on any problem that I was facing, in a way that I had never gotten before from friends and confidants.

He provides pressure-less accountability, and is able to keep me to my word without breathing down my neck. He made a safe place to share everything that was going on in my head, and it was fun too; I thoroughly enjoyed every time we got to meet.

The journey with Mike gave me clarity on my on the big questions in my life, and made my thoughts, words and actions more aligned.

From working together, I really learned about how much I want to be a leader, which was a huge takeaway for me.

Jordan Lejuwaan
Conscious Entrepreneur and Futurist

I was fortunate to receive coaching from Mike Mantell at a pivotal time during my life. Our sessions together felt like a natural extension of Mike’s friendly, caring, and giving nature. In addition to those qualities, what you will get with Mike that you may not get with other coaches is tact and creativity.

The consistency of breakthroughs I experienced were a result of unique exercises offered by Mike, including personal challenges that demonstrated something we were discussing or visualizations that allowed me to use the power of my imagination to re-examine priorities, beliefs, and truths I held.

Coaching from Mike was a safe container to explore what was going on with me. It was accountability to show up for myself. I discovered truths about myself that continue to play a major role in the trajectory of my life. I always ended sessions with Mike with the resolve, confidence and readiness be and do my best.

Tim Brogan

I began working with Mike during a challenging time in my life. With over a dozen creative projects in the works, I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck. I knew I needed to focus, but I was having a difficult time self-motivating. During my first meeting with Mike, I was blown away by his ability to help me navigate my own inner world. He asked all the right questions, and helped me to unlock a self-empowered determination I did not even know I had. Even when I faltered, and felt as though I had failed, Mike refused to let me give up on myself. He consistently helped me to learn from my mistakes, and guided me back to the path I had chosen for myself. I’m still walking that path today. Mike made me feel as if my dreams were his dreams too – I could tell he truly wanted to see me succeed, and he knew exactly how to empower me along my journey.

Angela R. Morrill
Novelist, Poet

It is a pleasure to work with Mike as a coach. He is sharp and intuitive, honest and personable. His ability to drop in and deeply connect within moments, over video, is impressive. I appreciate that he laughs with me, allows me to cry without overanalyzing, and asks straight (yet dynamic) questions to get to the heart of the matter. With a creative and organized approach, he is a catalyst for growth, insight and forward momentum.  I feel like sessions with him are a deep dive into the vortex – the process of transformation and realization somehow accelerate, without skipping over or leaving anything out, unearthing the most significant pieces. He is quick on the spot, edgy, no bull-shit, truly skilled at his art!

Sierra Rose Buckley

My sessions with Mike felt as serious as oxygen and yet as light as air. Mike created a palpable and expansive space where I could safely explore all of my desires, intuitions, and fears. He brought to each session a keen recollection of what we’d previously discussed, along with thoughts and intuitions that were clearly the result of sincere and fresh contemplation.

His style is fundamentally co-creative, where he offers effective tools but never prescribes a course of action, providing an ideal combination of direction and flexibility.

After a few sessions with Mike I had a felt understanding of the next step that was calling me. I took a leap of faith and landed in a situation that exceeds what I envisioned during our sessions. Thank you Mike for your considerable role in creating my life.”

Tyler Wallace

Working with Mike Mantell as a life coach was an enjoyable and rewarding experience. He is very easy to get to know and feel comfortable with. I felt through working with Mike that I was able to identify problem areas, create actionable steps to work on issues as well as manifest the future I want for myself.

He is a wonderful listener and provides thoughtful feedback. I’m glad that I worked with Mike and feel that it set me up to make some instrumental life steps. 

Michael Kennedy
Type Artist

Mike is thoughtful, insightful, artistic, funny, and huge hearted, but he is also much more. He is an expert at what he does. He took all of his raw personal abilities and transformed them through organization, dedication, knowledge, and professional creativity. The result? A space that allowed me to dive deeper into who I was, who I wanted to be, where I was going, and where I wanted to be going. A toolkit that helped me – and made me want to help myself – get there. In this space, with these tools, Mike is a skilled mediator between you and that vast beyond. It can be intimidating to look up and out and let go of certainties to grasp possibilities, but Mike makes it feel possible and safe. I can’t recommend it enough.

Kevin Kennedy
Law Student