My Purpose

The world is experiencing a lot of hurt right now – the environment is suffering, politics are whackadoo, people are numbed out. 

In order to support the revitalization and connection of our species I believe that two things must happen:

  1. Everyone must connect with their unique purpose in life
  2. We must find a way to foster connection in support of a global community, where we’re all on the same team. 

I think everyone has a unique and essential part to play – some are called to changing systems, some are called to art, some are called to environmentalism, some to race relations, some to education, some to politics, some to being a good parent. To create a vibrant and connected global community, we all must play our part. 

We all must know ourselves, know our gifts and know how we want to serve. We also all must acknowledge the diversity amongst us and learn to connect and communicate with those of differing opinions, seeing the shared human thread behind all identities. 

I feel my personal calling is to wake people up to their role in this collective endeavor. To help people feel connected to the whole, and to help people know themselves deeply enough to find the undeniable call into their own unique purpose. We need everyone to participate. Everyone’s role matters. We each must take responsibility. We need you to commit yourself to your life.

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