Integrity: Acting Like Yourself

Related imageI define integrity as the link the binds action to wisdom.

On some level, I always know what I want to do. Whether it’s coming from my moral senses, or my life-purpose-compass, there’s some part of me that knows what I want to do in every moment. I call that part of me ‘wisdom.’

It’s always there, sometimes very clear, sometimes not so clear. Though it always seems to guide me towards living life both with an open-heart and at 100% authenticity.

My wisdom might urge me to: tell him I’m feeling angry, or send an email to someone asking them for something BIG, or close down my laptop for the rest of the day, or go in for the smooch, or give the homeless man my slice of pizza, or buy the one-way plane ticket, or order the less-tasty vegan option, or order the more-tasty non-vegan option.

It’s different moment to moment; it depends on the set of circumstances and where my pscho-spiritual coordinates are. But in every moment there is some part of me, my wisdom, that always knows what is best for me to do, and that is urging me into my truest, loving-est self.

When I am in integrity, it means that I am acting in complete alignment with my wisdom. I become the living embodiment of my sense of kindness and authenticity. And it feels hot-dang awesome.

When I am not in integrity,I am acting differently than the person-I-want-to-be would act like. I know what I want to do, and I’m not doing it. And dude, that feels shitty.

Integrity isn’t easy. When I am clear on my deepest wisdom, it takes courage and discipline to live from that place. Because it’s not a one-and-done thing; every single moment provides an opportunity to act in integrity or not. Every life decision of every scale, I have a choice.

But in my eyes, if there were ever a point to being human, it would be just that. Acting like the person who I truly am

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