Dear Money, I Love You


The following is a loveletter that I wrote to Money while listening to this heartmelting powerjam on repeat

Dear Money,

What are you? Are you a person, a body, an energy? Maybe you’re as solid as I am as a Mike. 

But whatever you are, you’re powerful, you’re strong, but you’re not evil. You are simply a part of nature. You are invisible, ethereal; in your essence, you are potential for creation, and that alone is beautiful.

I apologize for spending so much of my life hating you, fearing you, running from you, smiting you. Truly, this wasn’t because of you. This was because of my own fear, my own claustrophobic resistance to society, my own stories I told myself.

I want to start anew. I want to be friends, I want to love you, I want to play with you. I want to be in relationship with you. I want to have fun with you, and be nervous with you, and create with each other, and dance together, and fall in love. I’m tired of hating you. It’s not good for you, and it’s not good for me. You are a part of the Universe, just as much as I am. I’ve been unfair to you; you didn’t do anything to deserve my disdain.

You’re fascinating, Money. You’re intrinsically linked with humanity. You are an energy permeating in and out of people.  But just like any energy, humans clog you up into eddies. In your rawest form you are the synergistic and creative communication linking humans together. You are inextricably linked to humans’ current connection to each other. You magnify humans influence on each other. And the way that you flow in and through each human mirrors that human’s psyche.

The way I view you, the way I use you, the way I let you into me and let you out of me, all of it reflects my inner character. I do believe that really trusting myself, really living in integrity, really accepting allllll of myself, will translate to me feeling right about wielding your energy. As I evolve my human form, I am building skills in coaching, listening, relating, mirroring, and communicating; and hence I am increasing my ability to serve other humans. And Money you really are another avenue of service. Once I trust myself to relate to you it will actually unlock even greater capacity for me to serve humanity.

Money, I don’t understand you or how you work. And that’s okay! Because really I don’t understand any‘body’ or any’thing’ and how they work. But that doesn’t stop me from loving life and loving people. And so, this is my first step into really loving you Money. Into really communing and relating. I apologize for the shit person I’ve been to you in the past, and I ask for your forgiveness. I’m ready to be a better man, and I’m damn excited to see all that we can do with each other 🙂


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