1-on-1: Self-Development

A meaningful life is one that follows the thread of adventure. A life where you are listening for inspiration, and making courageous decisions that weave the epic, artistic tale of your time here on earth.

I support people who feel called to get the absolute most out of their precious time here. People who want to dive deep into intimacy. People who care about painting a life that reflects who they really are. People who want to build a life that is awesome, and a life that offers profound gifts to humanity.

Living a life of adventure is without a doubt the most difficult thing you can do. It means consistently walking straight into fear. Again and again and again. It means looking inside yourself to figure out what you really want, and who you really are. It means daring to look at your bigger dreams, and carving your own path out of them. It means giving every last ounce of your spirit to life. It means laying to rest on your deathbed without even a trace of a regret. 

Living an adventure requires support. This is indisputable. That support can come from many different places – friends, lovers, family, and colleagues are where it all starts. If you don’t have an empowering crew to help you into this journey, then you’re burnt toast. Once that baseline has been established, some people choose to invest further and hire professional supporters. These can be therapists, healers, coaches, teachers, bodyworkers, and the like. This is how I like to help. For people who want to go all the way in on their life, and who want to invest even further on completing their own authentic adventure – I want to do this with you.

Working together is 3-fold:

  1. Weekly meetings. I have spent many many hours studying the art of listening. In these meetings we will co-create a culture that shoots voltage into your Being, charging you up to crush the rest of the week. I will also delicately guide us into fertile terrain in your emotional and spiritual journey, being gently with that which wants to unfurl. You’ll leave each session feeling deeply seen and acknowledged, inspired, cared for, having learned new insights about yourself, and feeling like you’re moving towards your own sense of purpose.
  2. Your life in between meetings. In our meetings we will generate action for you to take that week. It might be installing a new wellness habit, it might be a writing assignment, it might be something to stretch your social edges, it might be taking action on something you’ve been avoiding. This is where the rubber hits the road – where you create real momentum in your life. Our life is nothing but the culmination of the actions that we take. 
  3. Our mutual commitment to create something great together. This work is my chosen artform. When I sign on with you, I commit deeply, and I will settle for no less from you. If we’re working together, you will be ready to take on your life with a courage, vivacity, and intimacy that you’ve never felt before. I will be your teammate, with you every step of the way as you venture into unknown places on your journey.

If you are like others who I’ve worked with, you’ll resonate with these qualities

  • You feel ready to start playing the game of life at a new level
  • You’re yearning to experience life even more deeply. Deeper intimacy with your work, deeper intimacy with your relationships, and deeper intimacy with yourself.
  • You are ready to know who you are as a leader and take more leadership in your life
  • You see the value of having someone by your side who can know you deeply, challenge you, and open you up

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